Student and Supervisor Information

The SMCM Handbook for supervised postgraduate students is available here. Please download a copy for reference and check for updates. Further links to useful documents can be found on the MVM Graduate School webpage including a link to the Postgraduate Research Handbook. Many training courses are available to postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh organised by the Institute for Academic Development. Additionally, we run a local induction workshop for new PhD students each year. Other useful links can be found at the IGMM Graduate School website

What to do if things go wrong

If you have a problem with your project and/or supervisor, you should first try to resolve it between yourselves - it is important to keep lines of communication open where possible and not let things degenerate. If there is still a problem, then please seek advice - you should feel free to speak to your second supervisor, your thesis committee Chair, the Directors of the Graduate School or the PG Director for your building. If in the end problems cannot be solved locally, then official complaints can be made to a committee in the PG Office; please contact Hazel Cox in the first instance. These conversations will be in confidence and a strategy will be devised to try and address any problems. Additional meetings of thesis committees can be arranged (subject to members’ availability) if the student and/or supervisors feel that this would help. Additional help and advice can be found at the Student Counselling Department and at EUSA – The Advice Place.

Supervisor Information

All appointments of students MUST be approved by the IGMM PGSC. This means in practice that at least one member of the Committee should have been involved in the interviewing process, and the details of the chosen candidate must be approved by the whole committee. No applications for admission will be approved unless this has been adhered to. We will deal with applications by email as far as possible in order to expedite this process. In the first instance, you should contact Val Brunton or Angela Ingram to discuss potential new students.

Supervisor eligibility

To be eligible to be a first supervisor, the following criteria must be fulfilled:
•    The supervisor must have a contract that extends at least to the end of the studentship – if a supervisor has a contract of at least 2 years from the start of the studentship, their eligibility will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In such cases, there must be a co-supervisor taking 50% responsibility and this must be put in writing to the IGMM PGSC.
•    They must have fulfilled the role of second supervisor for at least a year
•    They must attend a supervisors’ training workshop at least once every 5 years. Further details can be found here

Further information can be found in the University’s Code of Practice for Supervisors and Research Students which can be found here

Student English Requirements

If the appointed student is from the EU or overseas (outside EU) and has not completed their undergraduate degree in English, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that the successful candidate has the required level of English. An offer of a studentship should be made subject to the candidate passing the required exam. It is the responsibility of the student to organise and pay for the required English test themselves – they must pass this test in advance of commencing their studentship. The University of Edinburgh is only able to issue a conditional offer until the student meets the required entry level of English. This can result in a student not being able to register/matriculate and would defer payment of stipend, etc.

Full guidelines for language requirements including typical tests and minimum scores that students must achieve can be found on the University website.