Governance Board

The Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre (ECRC) was established in The University of Edinburgh (UoE) in close partnership with Cancer Research UK and the NHS Lothian, and has strong links to other Institutes and Colleges conducting cancer research in Edinburgh, in particular the Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine (IGMM) with which it shares co-localised infrastructure. The ECRC follows a partnership model in which key stakeholders are actively and directly involved in the strategic governance and growth of the Centre.  

On a day-to-day basis, many of the Centre’s responsibilities are delegated to the Management Team.

Governance Board Members

  • Professor Colin Bird, Chairman of Governance Board and a former CR-UK Trustee
  • Professor Margaret Frame, Science Director, ECRC, UoE
  • Professor David Cameron, Clinical Director, ECRC, UoE; Acting Clinical Director, Edinburgh Cancer Centre, NHS Lothian
  • Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Head of School of Molecular, Genetic and Population Health Sciences, UoE
  • Professor Nick Hastie, Director of Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine (IGMM), UoE
  • Professor John Iredale, Regius Professor of Medical Science and Dean of Clinical Medicine, UoE
  • Professor Malcolm Dunlop, Head of Colon Cancer Genetics, ECRC, UoE
  • Professor Mark Arends, ECRC, UoE
  • Professor Cathy Abbott, Director of Postgraduate Studies, IGMM, UoE
  • Professor Adrian Bird, Director, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology, UoE
  • Dr Fatima Kranc, CRUK Centre Manager, ECRC, UoE
  • Dr Rebecca Scott, CRUK Research Engagement Manager, Cancer Research UK
  • Dr Iain Foulkes, Executive Director, Strategy & Research Funding, Cancer Research UK
  • Mr Angus Ogilvy, Patient Representative