The Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre takes a comprehensive approach to cancer research, transcending laboratory-based and clinical disciplines. We study the genetic and biological basis of cancer, disease pathology, and devise and test new forms of therapy arising from our basic, translational and clinical research programs.

We strive to carry out research of the highest quality into effective cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, as well as the symptoms associated with cancer. Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre provides a dynamic environment to inspire and train the next generation of cancer researchers, including basic and translational scientists, pathologists, surgeons, physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists.

We are a biomedical and clinical cancer research centre, with scientists and physicians working together to improve the future clinical management of cancer. Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre is a partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Cancer Research UK & NHS LothiƔn. The funding of the Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre comes from multiple sources, but is underpinned by generous support from Cancer Research UK.