Prof Margaret Frame

Science Director and Chair of Cancer Biology

PA:; 0131 651 8510

Location: ECRC

Research Overview

Cancer Biology

We work on cell adhesion networks in cancer, with specific focus to date on the regulation and role of the adhesion-linked ‘nodal’ Tyrosine Kinases – predominantly non-receptor kinases of the Src and FAK families that reside at sites of cell interaction with the environment or neighboring cells.  Increasingly, we also study other proteins that have unique roles – either because they interact with the Src/FAK pathway in adhesion-regulated complexes, or they function in invasion and/or metastasis. Typically, these proteins regulate a variety of processes that lie at the heart of the cancer problem, namely epithelial plasticity, epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT), loss of tissue regulation and tissue architecture, self-renewing properties, resistance to therapy and invasion or metastatic spread to distant organs.