Prof Neil Carragher

Location: ECRC

Research Overview

Drug Discovery

My research group is committed to the development of new approaches and technology platforms that will help advance the discovery of more effective medicines for cancer patients. While it has become apparent that large pharmaceutical companies and smaller drug discovery groups have become very effective at generating new drug candidates that are highly potent and specific to single protein targets, the complexities of cancer diseases across patients gives rise to many patients that are resistant or rapidly acquire resistance to such new therapies. Addressing such challenges requires a new approach to maximizing and predicting clinical efficacy of novel therapies through understanding their influence upon cancer cell signalling networks, particularly the ‘driver’ pathways, and identifying how best to collapse the robustness of such networks. The challenge is to predict which target classes, candidate drugs, or drug combination regimes, provide maximal efficacy or duration of response in each individual patient -this is the goal of our research group.

In collaboration with local cancer researchers, clinicians, pathologists, computational scientists and collaborators from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry we are applying new methodologies to advance cancer drug discovery and development.