Dr Asier Unciti-Broceta



Research Overview

Innovative Therapeutics

Our research interests lie at the interface of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry. Particularly, we are interested in exploring novel chemical strategies to improve cancer pharmacotherapy in terms of efficacy and safety. We integrate ligand-based drug/prodrug design and the discovery of novel chemistries to the development of bioactive materials or bioorthogonally-activated drug precursors. With the support and expertise of collaborators and the use of advanced imaging techniques, we screen the compounds in clinically relevant models of cancer including patient-derived cancer cell lines, zebrafish embryos and mice xenograph cancer models.

The main research lines currently investigated in our group are:

  • Design of novel prodrug strategies whose activation mechanisms rely either on upregulated molecular targets or bioorthogonal catalysis
  • Development of novel small molecule inhibitors targeting pathways involved in tumour growth and development

Multidisciplinary projects are a central element of our research group as a means to accelerate the translation of results. Our main collaborators are:

From ECRC/IGMM: Dr N. Carragher, Prof M. Frame, Prof V. Brunton and Dr L. Patton

From Beatson Institute/University of Glasgow: Prof H. Leung

From Loughborough University: Dr C. Torres-Sánchez

From Universidad de Granada (Spain): Dr J. J. Diaz-Mochon, Dr M. J. Pineda de las Infantas, Prof I. Molina and Dr R. Sanchez-Martin

asiergroup1GROUP PHOTO at ECRC's Reception (16-09-14)
From left to right: Tom, Sam, Richard, Belén, Craig, Asier and Jason